Like a shield for your car, ceramic coatings are among the most cost-effective solutions for fortifying your vehicle’s exterior. Thanks to the innovative engineering that powers ceramic polymer coatings, a single ceramic coating serves as an impervious, hydrophobic membrane that resists moisture, UV damage, and minor road debris with consistency.

Protect Your Car From Paint Damage With Ceramic Coating

Transparent, glossy, and designed to accentuate your vehicle’s body lines, our top-tier ceramic coatings replicate the pristine look that comes with fresh wax. But, unlike wax, once the ceramic coating has been applied, the stylish and protective benefits can last for years.

Additionally, when you partner with Mountain View Auto to receive a professional-grade auto ceramic coating, we back every multi-purpose upgrade in Passaic County and Wayne, NJ with:


  • Leading Ceramic Coating Warranties: Depending on the ceramic coating package, we offer warranties ranging from 6 months to lifetime coverage because our products are designed to last.
  • Professional Vehicle Care Guidance: Clear client education defines our helpful ceramic coating services. We’ll teach you how to properly care for the coating and connect you with the right products to make the most of your ceramic coating investment.
  • Prompt & Affordable Service: Respecting your time and budget is our priority. We streamline the coating process, charge you less, and will be here to simplify your life if you ever need help with future body, paint, or coating work.
Best ceramic coating in NJ


To maximize the duration of every ceramic pro detailing we provide, our specialists at Mountain View Auto focus on both the quality of the ceramic coatings and the precision application process. The result? A spot-free and luxurious ceramic coating service that protects every panel and rim with the toughest durability in the industry. With standard, mid-grade, and professional-grade ceramic coatings all available, our ceramic coatings in Essex County, NJ combine the best of structural stability with a range of affordable options for every budget.


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Benefits of Ceramic Coating


Regardless of the ceramic grade you choose, even the lowest-cost ceramic coatings can quickly offset the long-term costs associated with premature paint work, body repairs, or frequent waxings. Also, if you plan on selling your vehicle in the future, a car ceramic coating and its included warranty can even be noted in the “additional upgrades” section of Car Faxes to help you stand out in the listings.

Other advantages you can expect after upgrading your ride at Mountain View Auto in Wayne or Passaic County, NJ:

  • Protection from UV rays
  • Provides a glossy look
  • Easy maintenance & cleaning
  • Long-lasting
  • & More
Car ceramic coating in Wayne, NJ


Are You Looking for an Auto Body Shop in NJ That Provides Ceramic Coating Services?

Without a car ceramic coating installed, mud, acidic rain, and other roadside debris clings to and begin to degrade the integrity of your paint and the materials underneath. Instead of waiting until the damage is already done, we always recommend investing in a ceramic coating as soon as you purchase a new vehicle or upgrade your paint job. This simplifies every detail of future maintenance, increases the overall cost/value (spend less on cleaning and waxing products), and allows you to maintain that fresh-from-the-lot look for so much longer.

Even with cautious driving practices, gentle washing, and frequent waxing, road debris and other unexpected surface abrasion will eventually undermine the integrity of your paint, panels, and rims. Before risking your ride for another day, ask about our ceramic coating in Paramus, NJ, and discover our dedication to friendly, honest, and affordable ceramic pro detailing today.