Searching for a better way to highlight your vehicle’s exterior and protect it from the elements? Our high-end ceramic coatings in Essex County provide the best of both worlds. Utilizing an advanced lineup of ceramic polymer blends, our professional coatings extend the life of paint, shield your ride from environmental forces, and help to retain your vehicle’s vibrant and glossy finish for years to come.

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating

In general, the higher the coating grade, the more effectively it will resist scratching, and UV damage, and retain its hydrophobic properties. Despite the increased longevity that comes with the harder and more expensive varieties, every ceramic coating will still provide long-lasting benefits when applied correctly. That’s where we come in. We have over 60 years of auto body expertise and are true masters of the ceramic coating process. We guarantee a flawless finish, install the upgrade in less time, and stand behind every beautiful finish with breathtaking results that will speak for themselves.


After upgrading your exteriors with our seamless car ceramic coating, other lasting benefits include:

  • Comprehensive UV protection
  • Moisture & oil resistance
  • Scratch & road debris protection
  • Dirt & grime washes away easily
  • A beautiful glossy finish that lasts without the need for waxing
  • Spend less on washing, waxing, & other car care products...
Ceramic coating in Essex County, NJ


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Find the Right Ceramic Coating the First Time in Montclair & Fairfield, NJ

To take advantage of the many upsides associated with a ceramic coating service, finding the correct ceramic coating for your needs is the first step. With consideration for your exact performance goals, our ceramic coating service begins with a detailed breakdown of the pros and cons of each variety. While optimizing your vehicle is always our primary focus, empowering you with the helpful information you need to make the right decision is equally important to us.

With an array of affordable ceramic coatings at Mountain View Auto in Essex County, NJ, we can easily accommodate your budget while providing the rugged protection you’re looking for. Whether you choose standard, mid-grade, or professional-grade coating to fortify your exterior, expect any of our toughest options to withstand the harshest of track and road conditions without faltering.


Above and beyond the basic auto ceramic coating options in Essex County, Fairfield, and Montclair, NJ, our top-tier ceramic coating services can be utilized for:

  • Comprehensive vehicle coating: We can professionally coat your panels, rims, glass, vinyl wraps, and PPF with a gap-free ceramic coating that shields your entire vehicle from top to bottom.
  • Any make and model: We specialize in cautious care, and our ceramic coating expertise is a wise choice for daily drivers, track cars, and luxury vehicles alike.
  • Long-term reliability: Our ceramic coatings in Essex County, Fairfield, and Montclair, NJ come with leading product warranties. Ranging from 6 months to lifetime coverage, our designed-to-last ceramic coating packages only come from manufacturing partners that have earned their place at the top.
Ceramic coating in Fairfield, NJ

Pro Tip: Be sure to add your warranty-covered ceramic coating onto the CarFax

 for some added buyer incentive if you ever decide to sell your vehicle!


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All of these benefits add up to fewer long-term vehicle expenses and a ride that you’ll be proud to drive. If you’d like to learn more about our best ceramic coating options in Paramus, NJ, Fairfield, NJ, or Montclair, NJ, contact our helpful pros for the details. We offer free quotes, factual product comparisons, and the fastest auto ceramic coating services for an in-and-out experience that elevates your ride for years to come!