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You rely on your car for everything. It helps you get to work and ensures you're able to take the kids to their numerous afterschool activities. When something in your car breaks down, it can put your entire life on hold. Don't let it disrupt your life too much. Instead, take your car to Mountain View Auto Body. We're a reputable and experienced auto collision repair shop that can restore your car back into working order. Here's what you need to know about our services in NJ.



Auto Collision Repair Shop in New Jersey

Our Technicians and Technicians are the Best

When Mountain View Auto Body first started, it was manned by only two people. Despite that small team, they were able to push out five cars a week. Since then, the team has grown and been able to take on more cars and insurance companies. Although the team has expanded, the quality has not.

You should expect the best collision repair service in New Jersey when you visit our collision repair shop. All of our technicians and technicians go through extensive training to ensure that they know what they're doing. The last thing you deserve is to have your car broken further by an inexperienced mechanic.

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Our Services

We may be one of the best collision repair shops in NJ, but what does that exactly mean? We offer affordable auto collision repair services. Some of the services that you can expect from us are:

- Auto painting

- Auto body repair

- Collision repair

Auto Painting in NJ

Our auto collision repair shop offers affordable auto painting and uses one of the industries best; BASF 90-line. This is important for several reasons. Fresh paint helps to keep the body beneath the paint protected from rust and other harsh elements. To keep your car from starting to degrade, you should visit our collision repair shop to have it painted.

Paint can also be a great way to hide dings and scratches on the surface of your car. When you need your car to look new and fresh, painting is a service to sign up for.

Auto Body Repair

When you need minor or major repairs that come with the typical operation of your car, then our collision repair shop can also help you. Our auto collision repair can fix up your car whether it was crashed or not.

If you were in an accident, then you may also benefit from our collision repair. Even if your car is totaled, there's a good chance that we can still save it through collision repair. If not, then you can expect full transparency from our technicians on what path you should take next.


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When you need reliable service and prices that don't empty your wallet, come to our shop. Your car will not only be fixed like new; it will look brand new. Trust in our experienced and friendly technicians today.

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