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Tesla Certified Repair Center in Wayne, NJ

The Best Tesla Certified Repair Center in Wayne, NJ

Owning a Tesla is a status. You're doing your part to protect the environment and you have an eye for the future. That's why you likely keep up with regular maintenance on your Tesla, too. When an accident occurs or when your Tesla finally starts to degrade, you need a shop that knows how to fix Teslas. At Mountain View Auto Body, we can help repair your Tesla and ensure it keeps on functioning for several years to come. Here's what you need to know about our Tesla certified repair center in Wayne, NJ.



Full Service Tesla Repair in Wayne, NJ

Why You Need Full Service Tesla Repair at a Tesla Certified Repair Center

Instead of going to just any auto shop, you need to take your car to a Tesla certified repair center. Because Teslas are still new to the market, many shops don't know how to fix them accurately or efficiently. They may not even have the tools to repair your vehicle in their shop yet.

Our Tesla certified repair center in Wayne, NJ can offer full-service Tesla repair without any of those problems. Our technicians have been working with and studying Tesla cars for years. They know the sort of quirks that the car has and how to deal with them. You can expect efficient and hard work.

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We Fix Several Makes and Models

Besides, Tesla, we also operate as a Mercedes Certified Repair Center in Wayne, NJ and a Jeep certified repair center in Wayne, NJ. Some of the other cars that we're certified to fix are:

- Ford- Nissan
- Honda- Subaru
- Hyundai- Volkswagen
- Many others

Our technicians can offer auto body repair in NJ to practically any car that visits our shop.

Tesla Approved Collision Repair

Accidents can happen to anyone. If you find yourself in an accident in Wayne, NJ, then you need Tesla approved collision repair services. We offer the best collision repair in NJ. Our technicians will remain transparent with you, so you understand exactly the kind of costs you're looking at.

Unlike other Tesla approved collision repair at other shops, you won't see predatory prices at our shop.

Our full-service Tesla repair also includes auto glass repair. When you need Tesla approved collision repair, then we'll also change out your windshields and windows in the event that they were damaged. This isn't something that every shop does in Wayne, NJ. We'll ensure your car is safe to drive as quickly as possible.


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