With a stronger first layer of defense, the paint, panel composites, metals, and every other exposed vehicle surface benefits. Unlike paint sealants and waxes that only provide a temporary barrier of coverage for specific areas of the vehicle, a ceramic coating can cover more components, lasts longer, and is compatible with everything from custom rims and vinyl wraps to complex panel shapes and light covers.

With this expansive application potential also comes a variety of ceramic coating options at our shops in Bergen County and Paramus, NJ. For the best in protection and longevity, we recommend our highest-grade ceramic coatings for a professional, wax-like finish that can outlast the life of your vehicle. Even if you opt for a cheaper mid-grade variety, all of our trusted ceramic products are rated to last for years and include a range of advantages that will quickly justify the upfront investment.

So, how can our ceramic coating services in Paramus and Bergen County, NJ end up saving you money in the long run?

Ceramic coating in Paramus, NJ


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Ceramic Coating Protects Against External Paint Damage & Provides a Glossy Look

The cost savings stem from ceramic coating’s defensive polymer composition. It is naturally hydrophobic, scratch resistant, and reflects/blocks incoming UV rays for a multi-tiered level of shielding that extends from the bumper to your headlights. Add in the crystal-clear, glossy finish and your car will look better, retain that style for longer, and resist the premature value loss that comes with sun damage, rusting, and other destructive elemental forces.


The cost savings extend beyond the obvious protective benefits too. Our ceramic coating services are backed by incredible warranties (6 months to lifetime depending on the package) and are guaranteed to add value to your listing if you ever decide to sell the vehicle. 

Another great perk that comes with auto ceramic coating is the versatility of the application processes. For instance, you can invest in a professional ceramic coating to protect your paint initially, then upgrade the rest of your vehicles like the rims and windows later on. 

Our car ceramic coating processes in Paramus, NJ are also safe to use with: 

  • Vinyl Wraps
  • Paint Protection Films (PPFs)
  • Any Make & Model
  • Custom Rims & Body Kits
Ceramic coating in Bergen County NJ


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When you partner with our pros at Mountain View Auto in Paramus, NJ, expect to receive factual information, helpful recommendations, and professional service from start to finish. We have experience with complex ceramic application projects of every kind and prioritize step-by-step care for a seamless upgrade that’s guaranteed to enhance the look and performance of your ride for years to come.

Ceramic coating services require a steady hand, an understanding of proper layering, and the ability to adapt to unique body shapes, components, and seams without producing an uneven coating. The details matter, and when you expect nothing less than the best for your vehicle, trust in our expertise at Mountain View Auto for a ceramic coating in Essex County, NJ if you care about precision as much as we do.