Ford Approved Collision Repair in New Jersey

Ford Approved Collision Repair in Wayne, NJ

Those who own a Ford vehicle take great pride in it. With regular maintenance, your Ford can easily last for generations. Yet you need a Ford certified repair center in Wayne NJ to handle the maintenance. At Mountain View Auto Body, we can offer specialized experience and knowledge to take care of your Ford vehicle. Here's what you need to know about our Ford approved collision repair services in Wayne, NJ.


Why Is It Important to Use a Ford Certified Repair Center?

When you need collision repair services on your Ford, then you may be tempted to just take your vehicle to any shop. This isn't always the best idea. With so many different makes and models of every car, it can be easy for inexperienced mechanics to forget the special specifications for a Ford vehicle.

You don't want your car to be treated just like any kind of car. It needs to be treated like a Ford. This is why using our Ford certified repair center in Wayne, NJ is essential. It ensures that your repair is using the right kind of methods and materials that a Ford vehicle requires.

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We're Certified to Work with Other Cars

While we're a Ford certified collision repair team, we can also handle other makes and models of car. We're a Hyundai certified repair center in Wayne NJ and a Subaru certified repair center in Wayne, NJ.

Along with those, are certified in collision repair services for:

  • Fiat Chrysler Dodge (FCA)
  • Tesla
  • Acura
  • Jeep
  • Honda
  • Many more

No matter what kind of car you drive, our team has the knowledge required to make the best repair possible.


Visit Our Ford Certified Repair Center in Wayne, NJ Today

To receive the best quality of care for your Ford, come to our Ford certified repair center. We'll treat and fix your car exactly how it should be--like a Ford.


Get Your Ford Serviced At Our Auto Body Shop in Wayne, NJ

We Offer Ford Approved Collision Repair

The next time you have an accident with your Ford, you should bring it to us. We have the parts and equipment necessary to repair your Ford safely. We don't use a "one size fits all" methodology. We tailor our repairs to the kind of car that we're working on. While all cars are similar, our Ford and Nissan certified repair center in Wayne, NJ, each have its own unique characteristics.

Not every shop can handle those subtle details. As a result, your repair job may not be the best. Your car could end up breaking down again down the line because it wasn't repaired properly in the first place.

Our Ford approved collision repair ensures your car is properly fixed and ready to hit the road again.

We Can Also Offer Painting Solutions

Can you be sure that the paint you're using on your Ford is Ford-approved? If not, then leave your painting to a Ford certified repair center like us. We use water-based BASF 90-line paint that Ford certifies. This limits any chances of damage to the new or existing paint.

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