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A Hyundai Certified Repair Center in Wayne, NJ You Can Trust

When you need the best care for your beloved Hyundai, then you need to visit our Hyundai approved auto body shop. Your Hyundai is responsible for helping you get to work and to take the kids to their extracurricular activities. If your Hyundai breaks down, then it can severely impact the quality of your life. At Mountain View Auto Body, we're a Hyundai certified repair center that offers quality service and affordable prices. Here's what you need to know about our Hyundai approved auto body shop in Wayne, NJ.


Why a Hyundai Approved Auto Body Shop is the Best

When looking for collision repair in NJ, you may wonder why you should take the time to look for a Hyundai certified repair center. What's the difference?

It's substantial.

An auto body shop that isn't Hyundai approved may not have the training specific to your Hyundai. This means there may be a few delays in the repair, or worse having you to come back due to a missed diagnosis of your car since they are not trained, then wait for those parts to arrive. It also means that they don't have the expertise to deal with a Hyundai specifically.

As a result, your car may suffer from small damages that occur during the repair. More than that, the mechanic may switch in an incorrect part. All makes and models have their own quirks. A Hyundai certified repair center can handle those quirks and understand what they need to do to effectively and efficiently repair your car.

This saves you time and money.

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We Have the Experience You Need in Wayne, NJ

While our technicians are approved to work on HyundaisHyundai’s, this isn't the only make that they have experience with. Besides being one of the best Hyundai certified repair centers in Wayne, NJ, we also have experience in repairing the following makes:

● Honda
● Tesla
● Subaru
● Acura
● Ford
● Dodge
● Jeep
● Many more

This extensive experience ensures that no matter what kind of car you have, our technicians are going to be able to help you.


Visit Our Shop in Wayne, NJ

The next time your Hyundai needs help, take it to a shop that is certified to help it. Not only will this save you frustration from dealing with clueless technicians, but it also ensures you receive your car back as quickly as possible. Give our team a call today.


Hyundai Collision Repair in Wayne, NJ

Our Hyundai Collision Repair Services in Wayne, NJ

When you get into an accident, you need a Hyundai collision repair that is quick and efficient. That's exactly our Hyundai certified repair center in Wayne, NJ provides. We'll thoroughly go through your car to inspect the full damage. When we understand the extent of the damage, we'll let you know the kind cost of that you can expect.

Our Hyundai collision repair is transparent. We want you to be informed of the costs and why it's that cost. Unlike other predatory shops, we strive to make our services affordable for our clients.

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