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Volkswagen has remained one of the most beloved car brands in America. Perfect for families and singles, Volkswagen has a car for practically anyone. With so much use, it's inevitable that you either have an accident or that your car starts to wear down. When it's time to have your car serviced, it's important that you bring it to our Volkswagen certified repair center. At Mountain View Auto Body, we provide high-quality Volkswagen approved collision repair services as well as other services. Here's what you need to know about our Volkswagen auto body shop in Wayne, NJ.


Volkswagen Auto Body Shops Set the Standard for Quality Care

One of the biggest reasons that you should visit our Volkswagen certified repair center in Wayne NJ is because of the quality care that you'll receive. Anyone can take their car to a standard auto shop. Yet because those technicians aren't certified to work with your kind of car, specifically, they may not know exactly what it needs.

They may also need to order special parts for your car because they don't have them already in stock. These two instances can delay your repair and make it even longer until you are able to pick up your car.

Using our Volkswagen certified repair center ensures that you receive quick service and quality care. Our technicians know how to fix up Volkswagens and can do so safely and efficiently. You'll experience faster turn-around time and a complete restoration of your Volkswagen.

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We Take Care of Other Models

While we may be a Volkswagen auto body shop, we're also certified to work with other cars. In particular, you can receive our expert care if you have a:

● Jeep
● Ford
● Dodge
● Acura
● Honda
● Hyundai
● Tesla
● Many more

We have experience and certification for practically any kind of car. You can give us a call to see if we're approved to service your car.


Visit Our Volkswagen Certified Repair Center in Wayne, NJ Today

When you want quality care for your Volkswagen, bring it to us. Take a look at our shop to see what other services we offer.


Affordable Repairs for Volkswagen Vehicles

Our Volkswagen Approved Collision Repair in Wayne, NJ

When you come to our Volkswagen auto body, you expect the very best of care for your Volkswagen approved collision repair service. We do our best to keep prices down and to inform you of any upcoming costs that you may be unaware of. This sort of transparency helps you stay in the know on the progress of your car and the state of your budget.

Our Volkswagen certified repair center in Wayne, NJ offers quality care at a great price.

We Have a Volkswagen Paint Shop

Another reason our Volkswagen auto body shop in Wayne, NJ is the best is that we also have a Volkswagen paint shop. Our shop allows us to match your car's color perfectly. We can repaint your car and keep it looking fresh and new.

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