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The Best Kia Approved Collision Repair in Wayne, NJ

One of the worst things that can happen has happened. You got into an accident with your Kia. Considering that you rely on your Kia to get you everywhere, this can be a heavy blow from which to recover. The first step you should take is calling the right kind of mechanic to take care of your car. Mountain View Auto Body is a Kia certified repair center in Wayne, NJ that can quickly and effectively repair your Kia. Here's what you need to know about our Kia auto body shop in Wayne, NJ.


What's the Difference Between a Normal Shop and a Kia Certified Repair Center in Wayne, NJ?

When you need a repair for your Kia, you may just call the first number that appears. This isn't the wisest course of action. You could fall into the hands of a predatory Kia auto body shop. They'll charge you ridiculous prices and may not have the experience you need to work on your Kia.

A Kia certified repair center like ours, on the other hand, has a team of mechanics that know Kias through and through. They understand any odd quirks that such cars have and know what kind of specific parts the car requires.

This is different from other auto body shops in Wayne, NJ that might not even have the right parts for your Kia approved collision repair. Our Kia certified repair center will ensure your car is given the care that it needs.

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We Fix Various Models and Makes in Wayne, NJ

While we may be a Kia certified repair center, we also have knowledge extending to other makes and models of cars. Our services also extend to cars like:

● Hondas
● Hyundais
● Jeeps
● Fords
● Dodges
● Subarus
● Acuras
● Many more

We even have knowledge covering Tesla cars. When you come to our Kia auto body shop, you can expect the best services no matter what kind of car you drive.


Visit Us Today in Wayne, NJ

When you need repair services that you can trust for your Kia, give our shop a call. We have the parts and expertise that your car needs.


Kia Approved Collision Repair in Wayne, NJ

Our Kia Approved Collision Repair is Unmatched

Following an accident, you need your Kia approved collision repair to happen as soon as possible. Our Kia certified repair center will take a thorough examination of your car and determine the extent of the damages. We'll give you an idea of the cost that it will take to complete the repair.

This transparency allows you to determine your own best course of action according to your budget.

We're Also a Kia Paint Shop

Besides being a Kia auto body shop, we're also a paint shop. Our Kia paint shop ensures that when you receive a paint job, it matches the color of your car. Our paint shop has tons of different colors that can bring new life to your car. It can also help it remain protected.

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