Collision Repair in Fairfield, NJ

The Best Collision Repair in Fairfield, NJ and Montclair, NJ

You rely on your car for everything. When something happens to it, you need a service that you can trust. Most auto body shops will charge you a ridiculous amount for car accident repair. We don't. At Mountain View Auto Body, we believe in fair prices for great service. It's what has kept our customers returning to us each time they need auto body repair. Here's what you need to know about our car accident repair services in Fairfield, NJ, Montclair, NJ, and Essex County, NJ.


Why We're One of the Best Auto Body Shops in Fairfield NJ and Essex County, NJ

Our shop was started by two men who were eager to serve their community at affordable prices. Passionate about cars, they wanted to share the knowledge they had accumulated by repairing cars. Between the two of them, they were able to fix up several cars in a span of a week.

Their success brought them more business. As a result, they hired more crew and expanded their services. Today, we have a dedicated team of mechanics and technicians that are just as devoted to providing high-quality services with affordable pricing.

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Our Car Accident Repair Services in Montclair, NJ and Esses County, NJ

When you stop by our shop, you can expect to receive the following services:

● Collision repair
● Auto body repair
● Windshield repair
● Auto body painting

Each of our services is performed with care in mind. We'll treat your car as if it were our own.


Visit One of the Best Auto Body Shops Today

Don't waste time visiting other auto body shops that will drive up the price of their repairs. Come to a shop that you can trust. We have your back and will ensure your car gets back on the road where it belongs. Contact us when you need a repair.


Best Auto Body Services in Montclair, NJ

Collision Repair

One unfortunate circumstance that you might find yourself in is needing collision repair in Essex County NJ after an accident. Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. When you depend on your car for everything, then you need your collision repair to happen quickly.

Our team will work efficiently on your car to get it back into your hands as soon as possible. We understand how important your car is to your daily life in Essex County, NJ.

We'll have your car looking like its brand new.

Auto Glass Repair in Essex County, NJ

Windshield repair is another common service we provide. It can be annoying to have scratches and dings in your windshield. Our experts can carefully perform auto glass repair without sacrificing the rest of your car in the process.

Windshield repair requires steady hands and delicate work. You need an experienced team to do it right. Trust in our team to perform your auto glass repair without problems.

With a brand new windshield put into place, you'll be able to safely see outside of your windshield once again.

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